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Self-build Project Planning Pack

Self-build Project Planning Pack

If you want to get a home of your dreams, then this Self-build Project Planning Pack is where you need to start.

But remember the self-build process is often bumpy, but the pain that self-build projects create will be long forgotten when you are living in your own home – designed just how you want to live.

These are the questions often asked:

  • Is it possible to do a low budget self-build?
  • How do you even go about starting your own self-build?
  • How do you ensure your project does not cost more than you planned, or take longer than expected, or end with an acrimonious visit to a lawyer to sort out a building dispute?


The Self-build Project Planning Pack is designed to help you answer these questions before you make a start.

Before starting the process of planning your self-build dream home, our Self-build Project Planning Pack has all the information you need to know. We designed the FREE guide for people like you.


Here is what you get:

  • A Project Road Map that shows you the design and Construction process from start to finish
  • A directory of local experts who can help you at each stage of the process
  • A project budget cost estimator that gives you a ballpark estimate for your project
  • Project-specific checklist for key tasks
  • Design brief pointers to help you on your way
  • One-on-one Free 30-minute consultation with an expert to answer your questions and point you towards the right people and resources
  • Monthly email tips and strategies to maximise your success

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More information about the Self-build Project Planning Pack…

If you don’t assess all your ‘needs and options’ first, the self-build process can be a nightmare.

Having an unrealistic sense of budget and ignoring all the advice, as well as overestimating the amount of free labour provided by friends and family, is a recipe for disaster. The Thomas Studio Project Planning Pack can help you avoid these classic self-build mistakes.

Remember; if you haven’t done a self-build before you are unlikely to save money self-managing the build.

Self-build projects without an initial project plan become a nightmare, and an expensive one at that! But don’t let the tales of disaster put you off: whilst a small percentage of new homes are self-builds 90% of the housing market is built by volume-house-builders (Barratt, Wimpey, Bloor etc), it’s only a pioneering 10% of the market who actually get to enjoy living in their own dream home, and it’s only a fraction of these that are problematic. So the self-build effort is well worth it!

The Self-build Project Planning Pack will provide you with the rules-of-thumb to smooth a home’s construction or prevent an oversight from turning into a catastrophe.

Remember that changing plans during the build can cost you dear: it’s also unnecessary when you take time to assess all your ‘needs and options’ upfront.  The Self-build Project Planning Pack will help you develop your ‘needs and options’ first before you start digging the foundations.

Remember: ‘if you have 8 hours to chop down a tree you should spend 6 hours sharpening your axe’.

The Self-build Project Planning Pack will help you be prepared: most self-builds don’t pass the scrutiny of high street mortgage lenders. At Thomas Studio we can point you in the right direction, before wasting months seeking out finance, and getting nothing but declined offers from high-street-lenders. The Project Planning Pack will help you get all the right answers together before you meet your mortgage provider. Thomas Studio can even put you in touch with a mortgage provider should your wish.

The Self-build Project Planning Pack sets out a ‘directory of local experts’ that you can use to help you get your project well underway.

We can also put you in touch with local ‘estate agents’ as there are few plots with planning permission for sale but agents should have properties on their books that are suitable for demolition and redevelopment as they make ideal opportunities for self-build.

The Self-build Project Planning Pack puts you in touch with insurers to get your self-build project properly insured. It makes sense to have your own self-build insurance policy and this can cost between £500 and £1,000 depending on the size of the overall contract.

Most self-builders worry about their builder going bust. With a ‘traditional’ building contract in place it is important not to release stage payments faster than planned to a builder, no matter how much they plead. Builders do go bust and if you have overpaid myou are unlikely to get that money back and you will need more money to complete the works. The last thing you want is unpaid sub-contractors arriving at your door asking for payment for different parts of the work: a traditional contract overseen by your architect acting as the contract administrator prevents that from happening.

Precise budgeting is one of the advantages claimed by kit-houses. But they seldom help you find a plot of land, or arrange a mortgage, nor do they know the local vernacular and what is likely to secure planning permission.

And remember that a self-build new home will cost more than planned, but a few years later, it will be worth more than the money spent.

The Self-build Project Planning Pack is your first step, helping you prepare all your ‘needs and options’ before your start your grand design.