Thomas Studio

Studio Without Walls

Where do you start with Thomas Studio: it’s professional, it’s relevant. It’s about creative collaborative working fit for the 21st century.

Studio without walls, wants to take architectural service to a new level.

The process is simple, delivering professional and personal service, without the burden of large office overheads. Thomas Studio, working and collaborating with an excellent professional-team, are creating projects in a range of sectors from bespoke homes to large developments.

Personal service is the key. Professionalism is the foundation. Carried out by an experienced architect lead team, the RIBA plan of work, years of experience. The delivery: happy clients, nationally recognised work, award winning, see the PORTFOLIO.

Once you’ve picked Thomas Studio you need to decide on the brief. You have experience and professionalism to work with, a simple choice!

We think Thomas Studio is relevant to you. Professionalism not diminished but upheld. Creativity that you cherish. A studio reborn and transformed into a place fit for contemporary development, fit for purpose, fit for your needs.

Archtiecture re-interpreted, the original spirit in a new skin.

We’ve re-imagined a studio without walls, fit for the 21st century. Now every commission is about delivery. Architectural services delivered to you professionally, to create and realise your project. The moment you engage Thomas Studio, feel the difference. There are many reasons to commission Thomas Studio: TEAM EXPERIENCE TAILORED FOR YOUR PROJECT.

Also we can offer you a free initial consultation, and personal one-to-one commissions provided as standard.

Studio without walls.