How Trustees should deliver a capital-grant funded project

Architect Garry Thomas 5 tip formula on how to work with trustee organisations

I’m not exactly breaking new ground when I say that ‘trust’ is a critical component of working with any trustee organisation but I have found that my 5-tip-formula is the best way to help deliver professional-architectural-services to a trustee organisation seeking to deliver a capital grant funded project.

But saying ‘trust’ is important – actually cultivating an environment of ‘trust’ – are two different things.

So, how can you actually build and cultivate trust in working with a charitable trust organisation?

Consider the following 5-tip formula:

1. Encourage multilateral communication and dialogue among project professional partners and between trustees and project leaders. Offering trustees a shared sense of ownership in the project goals and charitable objects — by encouraging trustees’ sense of voice, position, significance and purpose in the project development and delivery.

2. Establish strong charitable project values that trustees can understand and know how to practice — increasing their sense of belonging, purpose and promotion of the project values.

3. Set challenging but achievable goals — to increase trustees’ charitable aims, delivery and autonomy within the project development and delivery phases.

4. Shift the focus from heirachy to community — connecting trustees to one another in ways that empower them and increase their sense of belonging, connection and delivery of the project.

5. Ensure that you are adequately recognising and cultivating individual trustees and organisational team achievements and talents as they relate to the shared values and shared goals for the project. Make sure you respect individualism and provide choice to enable talents to be cultivated. This will increase trustees’ sense of fairness, purpose, recognition, belonging, and choice over how they can imput into a project direction – successfully.


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