10 Ways To Create The Best House of the Year

Below are 10 Top-Tips from people who have created the ‘best houses’ of the year


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The Top 10 Tips…


1:  Context is key: consider how to frame the landscape from both inside and out. And think about long-term use – future-proof where you can;


2: Give the most used spaces in the house the best views;


3: Clever storage; consider where to put the bikes and the bins;


4: Consider your legacy for the generations to come;


5: Go big on sky not just the garden;


6: Consider the wider landscape and local history;


7: Take your time. Its all about light and space and views, not the taps;


8: Sleeve doors mean you can open and close space as and when you want;


9: Don’t over develop a site, and consider raw and natural materials to add texture and soften a space;


10: Consider who else might share your home; add nesting and bat boxes.


To find out more about the long list of ‘houses of the year’ take a look at the RIBA website here: https://www.architecture.com/awards-and-competitions-landing-page/awards/riba-house-of-the-year

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