Embracing Life’s Luxuries: Craft Your Dream Sanctuary with Paragraph 80 Exclusive Rural Retreats by Architect Garry Thomas

Paragraph 80 Exclusive Rural Retreat designed by Architect Garry Thomas

In the heart of the picturesque setting of Howle Hill near Ross on Wye, a new landmark, one among the Paragraph 80 Exclusive Rural Retreats, is soon to grace the sprawling green landscapes. Designed by Architect Garry Thomas from Herefordshire, this project stands out as a testament to the epitome of rural luxury.

Recently achieving the coveted planning approval under the stringent Paragraph 80 policy, it has become one of the select 138 homes in the UK to reach this milestone. This distinctive single-storey abode, set to offer unparalleled panoramic views of Herefordshire, promises vistas spanning from the Malvern Hills to the Sugar Loaf Mountain.

Drawing inspiration from a captivating hilltop fort ‘lookout’ design, this retreat effortlessly blends modern glazed elevations with traditional local stone cladding and a sustainable green roof. As part of the Paragraph 80 Exclusive Rural Retreats, the project is set to commence onsite this year, reflecting the high standards of design excellence as outlined by the National Planning Policy Framework.

Garry Thomas, with his unparalleled expertise, has adeptly navigated the complex terrain of the Paragraph 80 policy, turning this grand vision into reality. This policy, which champions exceptional design quality and a seamless integration with the rural surroundings, aligns perfectly with the philosophy of Thomas Studio. His deep understanding and strategic approach to the policy’s requirements, combined with a rigorous design review process, and the client’s willingness to uphold the collaborative process, were all instrumental in green-lighting this magnificent rural gem.

The inclusion of Design Review Panels enriched the project’s evolution, infusing it with diverse expertise, innovative viewpoints, and fostering collaboration with various stakeholders. This attention to detail underscored the value of crafting spaces that resonate with the environment, making landscape architecture a pivotal component.

Several design iterations were undertaken before securing Council approval. The project’s success is a testament to the combined efforts of local Planning Officer and the unwavering determination it entails. This Paragraph 80 Exclusive Rural Retreat will not only be net-zero but will go a step further, becoming carbon positive, harnessing solar energy and ground storage for winter months.

The defining ‘lookout’ feature, offering breathtaking views, received particular appreciation from the Design Review Panel, alongside the building’s harmonious integration with the landscape.

Excitingly, this project also collaborates with De Montfort University for a PHD research team.

For those with a vision to create their personal haven in a serene rural backdrop, Garry’s insights into Paragraph 80 Exclusive Rural Retreats can guide you to perfection. To delve deeper into these exquisite projects and to garner self-build design tips and vital planning expertise, reach out to Garry at the Thomas Studio office.

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