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Cafe & Retail Deli Shop

This bespoke café project makes use of a very low budget, which transformed a corner store into a creative delicatessen and café. The project uses giant graphics, together with wall and ceiling hangings, to dress-up a utilitarian space. The project resulted in the use of ‘earthy’ materials, in the form of furniture, tiles and warm colours, to evoke a natural-aesthetic, promoting natural wholesome produce on display.

Restaurateur and local food industry entrepreneur, Bill Sewell developed his Bill’s café concept in London; moving to Herefordshire to set up a cafe in All Saints Church, an RIBA awarded church reordering project, Bill soon realsied that he could capture the footfall of the city centre on another near by site and launched his Bill’s cafe concept once again.

This project is all about using the skills that architects bring to projects, even when budgets are tight, this project shows that great design is possible.

Date: 2004
Client: Bills Cafe
Contract: Traditional JCT Minor Works
Contractor: Robin Oakey

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