50 ways to make your home more sustainable

50 Ways to green your home

Being green doesn’t require spending lots of money on fancy gadgets. An environmentally-responsible home not only saves you money, but saves the earth too.

Below are 50 ways to make your home more sustainable. This free guide is designed to help you develop a green strategy to implement in your own home, or building project to make it as green as it can be, at a reasonable price too. 

In other words: how to develop a greener strategy to ensure your home helps you save money and the planet too!

At Thomas Studio we ensure all our buildings are designed to a green specification, as standard!

The following guide draws on our experience and is designed to help you make easy changes in your home: to reduce energy bills, make your home less toxic, and also help the planet.

We look forward to sharing our green experience with you in this handy guide.

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