How to secure Heritage Lottery Funding

Are you looking to secure Heritage Lottery Funding, now could be the right time.

If you are looking to secure Heritage Lottery Funding: then the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), is offering a range of different grant programmes, with grants from £3,000, to over £5million.
HLF love to assess applications that take account of the outcomes, for HERITAGE, PEOPLE and COMMUNITIES that the projects will achieve.


Each grant funded project needs to make a difference. The sort of outcomes that gain grant funding are ones that achieve changes, impacts, benefits and effects as a result of the project taking place. Projects are expected to make ONE or MORE of these outcomes.

At Thomas Studio we are focused on OUTCOMES FOR HERITAGE. Potential projects need to help sustain and transform the UK’s heritage. Projects that gain HLF support tend to rescue buildings and places from decay. Breathing new life into neglected buildings, collections, parks and landscapes. They also seek to inspire communities to record and celebrate the heritage story to reimage the heritage asset for a whole new generation.

It’s about management too. Successfully funded projects need a clear forward management and maintenance vision. Call this the ‘business plan’. Projects must be sustainable going forward, and they need to secure the heritage asset.

Gathering evidence of success will be important too. You need to show that the heritage asset, that you manage, is in a better position as a result of your project. You will need to demonstrate that you can achieve and meet national quality standards.

Sometimes heritage assets are difficult to access, particularly for disabled folk. The HLF like to encourage interpretation and modern technology too. If elements of the project are out of reach, but interesting to visitors, often smart phone apps, or interpretation panels can bring inaccessible heritage alive.

The successful HLF grants are the ones that bring forward previously hidden, not well known, or not accessible heritage assets, making them available to the public.

If you are thinking of seeking funding for your heritage project, you can find out more on the HLF website.

If you would like a no obligation informal chat about what is involved in applying for HLF funding, and the type of projects that are funded, contact Thomas Studio, we are more than willing to discuss some of the past and present HLF projects being worked on. Email: