About the project

Ludlow college, is an ancient school set within the heart of the town. The campus is scattered around the town centre and the site at Mill Street contains a collection of buildings from an ancient 14th century great hall, to a delightful Edwardian art block.

The project considered the placing of a new photography and graphic design faculty within an old courtyard of the school. The architectural design ensures level access throughout the site and allows the various stepped levels to be connected so that there is level access at all the key thresholds around the site.

The design of the proposal gained listed building consent and planning permission as a lightweight structure that transformed a redundant courtyard. The end result is a building that uses circulation around the site in a creative way and transforms a courtyard which can now be used throughout the year for various art and presentation events.

The school is now part of Herefordshire and Ludlow College.

Date: 2003
Client: Ludlow College Foundation
Contract: Traditional
Project carried on while working at RRA