Self-build Directory

A Directory for Self-Build


If you are planning a self-build project and need advice – this self-build directory will help you!


Architect Garry Thomas has worked in the construction industry for over 20 years. This Thomas Studio Directory of the key people in the self-build industry, continues to grow, in order to successfully meet the evolving needs of our clients and the self-build projects we design and build.

Today, at Thomas Studio we are proud to introduce The Self-build Directory the latest endeavour to fulfil our mission to help you on your way to a successful self-build project.

Welcome to The Who’s Who in Self-building & Construction in Herefordshire.


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Unlike a traditional directory, this Thomas Studio directory is based on people we regularly work with, and can rely upon to deliver your self-build project.

True to its title, the directory contains two key sections featuring “Who’s Who” in a specific trade, and “Who’s Who” in professional consultancy, to get your project through planning, building regulations and detail design stages, and successfully completed on site.

Our plan in future is to distribute regional editions of The Self-build Directory across the the South-West, Gloucestershire and central London – so be sure to check out these soon.

So go ahead and get acquainted with the Directory for Self-Build for Herefordshire. We hope you find it a valuable resource and encourage your feedback, to ensure it meets your evolving needs. The Self-build Directory guides you through your journey of building your own home by offering the most comprehensive list of suppliers to the ‘self’ and ‘custom’ build sectors.

Begin by entering the contact you need to support you when STARTING OUT, through building the STRUCTURE FOR YOUR HOME, to installing ENERGY SYSTEMS OR SERVICES FOR YOUR HOME and PRODUCT FITTING OUT AND MATERIALS FINISHING.

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If you are just starting out on your self-build journey you will want The Self-build Directory as a one-stop-shop for the would-be self-builder, providing support, advice and information on every aspect of building your own home in Herefordshire.

Once you’re clear on which Self-build route you wish to take you will then need to consider who will be working with you. Will you be employing an architect, a surveyor, or employing an ecologist to handle bats; or do you need a kitchen fitter or structural glass wall.

The Self-build Directory will give you access to the service and product suppliers you need. If you’re looking for product inspiration then enter the trade, project, or professional help you need… and we will send you the contact we can recommend.

The Who’s Who in Self-building & Construction.

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