The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes – BBC2 TV Series

Ever dreamed that you lived in a fairytale location, like the depths of a forest or on top of a mountain?

At Thomas Studio we are enjoying the BBC 2 series focusing on houses that architects love. With a global travelogue on housing design the series reviews very good and exciting living-architecture.

Extraordinary Buildings Presenters

If you want to catch up on the TV series you still can. This is what the review on the BBC website is saying:

New TV show, The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes on BBC Two discovers just the sort, as actress and property admirer, Caroline Quentin, joins forces with award-winning architect, Piers Taylor, to explore some of the world’s most unusual and outstanding homes.

The homes they visit sit in impressively extreme locations, including the side of a cliff, the middle of a dense forest, or even under the Earth’s surface. In each case, the natural world surrounding the man-made property is intrinsically linked to its design.

The series comprises of four hour-long episodes, each centred on a different location and theme. The first episode, was Mountain, to be followed by Forest, Coast and Underground. During the series, Caroline and Piers stay in the properties overnight to experience firsthand how these rare designs function as somewhere to live and in terms of their architecture.